Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Bump and Other Updates


Well step one in getting back to blogging was my last post.  Now step 2 needs to be trying to get back to a schedule.  Apparently easier said than done ;)

But I’m going to start with a little update on my baby bump progression…or lack there of!

I know I’ll look back in a few months and regret saying this, but….I WANT MY BABY BUMP! 

Yes it would be nice to take the picture every week, in the same spot, with the same outfit… but well that’s just not happening.4 weeks

5 weeks 

And of course missed a few weeks, but as far as belly growth they were quite uneventful.   My pants didn’t even start feeling tight until around week 11 or 12!


13 weeks 14 weeks 2  IMG_3450











The other funny thing is when I took those photos I always felt like the bump looked bigger in the picture than it did in the mirror to my eyes.

So yeah, unless you know I’m pregnant most of the time I don’t even look it.  But I’m also not wearing leggings and tight shirts out in public haha. 

Case in point… I was 16 weeks this past weekend and had a fabulous time at Elizabeth’s wedding!!!

IMG_5246 (750x563)

Me, the lovely bride Elizabeth, and Tina

IMG_5233 (563x750)

I was looking for a dress to camouflage the belly and think I succeeded.  I actually decided to use Rent the Runway for this!!  I’m bigger than my normal size with my growing belly and apparently chest as well, so I didn’t really want to by a dress that would only be good for a few weeks.  I also had a $50 birthday credit to RTR and decided to try it out!

Luckily the dress ended up JUST fitting over my chest ;)  But it worked and I loved it!  So fun, and just had to toss it in a pre-paid envelope the next day!

And you can’t see it but I’m also wearing my fun magenta/pink heals I wore at my wedding! 

The wedding was a blast and even bonus there were cake pops!!

photo (9)

I’m definitely not in maternity clothing yet, but I’ve been getting a lot of use out of those Be-Bands! They are like a stretchy band you can pull up over your pants in order to leave your pants unbuttoned. I have one in black and neutral. I’ve heard mixed reviews on them, but I love them so far…they make it so I can still wear all my pants!

Lets see… in other news I turned 30 today!! 

I love birthdays but still not sure how I feel about this one yet ;)

But unfortunately it was a bittersweet day as my grandfather passed away on Saturday and the services were also today.  Not my first choice for a birthday, but it was actually really nice to be with ALLLLL my family today :)  My grand parents had 9 children and 25 grandchildren and we were all there. 

There was even a small bouquet of flowers the night before at the wake from his great-grandchild on the way :)  Talk about a tear jerker. 

Sorry to leave this post on a sad note! 

But I’ll have more fun things to report soon.  Especially since I was told to be free Friday night ;)  

Have a nice night everyone!


  1. Happy birthday! You look great. And I think that dress is so cute -- definitely hides the baby bump. :)

  2. HAPPPPY birthday! So sorry for your loss! You're looking great. Taller girls seem to take a while to develop a bump! I was always jealous of taller girls cute mini bumps!

  3. Happy birthday! I've been feeling similarly about my bump. Just now at 16 weeks is it starting to be apparent... but still with certain clothes is just looks like nachos :) I think we'll really pop in the coming weeks.You are looking great!

  4. Happy birthday!!! And I'm sorry about your grandfather :(

    That dress is awesome- I've been wanting to try Rent the Runway and even have gone so far to put dresses in my cart and start to check out... then I get nervous that I won't like the dresses and I'll be left scrambling! Love seeing the bump progress :)


  5. Consider yourself lucky! I started gaining weight from the get-go despite exercising and eating relatively healthy (I had a feeling I would - my body just looooves to gain weight.) I started wearing maternity pants regularly around 18 weeks, but I should have started earlier. There were a good few weeks of resistance where I wore nothing but leggings ;)

    Happy birthday to you,and so sorry to hear it was bittersweet. I am sorry for you loss.

  6. Happy birthday and happy baby bump!