Sunday, January 9, 2011

Warm Winter Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets are becoming more and more popular, as more and more people want to eat local and fresh produce and products.  In the past, however, a key element to these markets was the outdoor shopping experience and an abundant selection of fresh fruits and vegetables...which meant, summer time! 

Luckily some people have realized that this is not the case and Winter Farmer’s Markets are starting to pop up!  Here’s a list I found online: Winter Farmer’s Markets 2010-2011.

I had first heard about the one at Russell’s in Wayland from my friend who owns The Danish Pastry House, as they have a booth at the market.  I found this ironic because I grew up going to Russell's with my parents; it’s only 5-10 min from the house (mom’s house).

What an amazing market!  They set it up in a huge indoor/greenhouse area.  As you meander through, if your not surrounded by delicious baked goods and produce, your walking past displays of big plants and fresh potted flowers and herbs!


You’d never guess it was snowing outside :)

My first stop was of course… Danish Pastry House!


They had a huge selection of pastries, baked goods, cakes, homemade pop tarts, classic Danish treats like Kringle (!), and fresh baked breads!

Just check out that chocolate cake below…


I snagged the last almond croissant!  They are my FAVORITE!!  And mom got a slice of chocolate cake, not the one above, but an equally amazing one with a chocolate ganache filling and coconut on top :)  It was divine!


Of course it was jam packed so I couldn’t talk long with my friend, so mom, Brian, and I continued on!




One of our next purchases was from Bagel Alley (out of Nashua, NH I believe)



Those (above) were the Energy bagels!  We bought 2 of those (just had one for breakfast actually).  They are slightly sweet from molasses and have dried fruit and nuts within.  Delicious!





Purchased some marinated feta from West River Creamery

IMG_7348              IMG_7353

Other purchases included:

  • Pam’s Black Bean Salsa
  • Ful Medammes from Samira’s Homemade.  This company makes authentic Egyptian and Lebanese food.  They had numerous types of hummus and different spreads.  The Ful Medammes, is similar to hummus but it is made with Fava Beans and has onions in it as well as garlic, lemon, tahini, and spices!  SO GOOD!!!
  • Seafood Chowder from Cape Cod Original
  • Enjoyed an iced coffee from Karma Coffee Roasters while I shopped.
  • I totally wanted to buy some super sweet carrots I tried…but forgot :/

Hey Brian!   IMG_7354

Mom bought some potted herbs for her window sill pots


I can’t wait to come back!  There is even a knife sharpener there from On The Edge Knife Sharpening, I want to bring some knives down to get sharpened while I shop!

I think I may like this Farmer’s Market better than some of the ones in the summer!  Wayland is only about 20-25 min west of Boston, easy to get to and lots of parking!  I’d highly recommend getting there at least once this winter!

Hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend.  I’ve had a pretty low-key one which is great.  Now I’m off to the gym:  quick run on the treadmill and then Body Pump!!


  1. Sounds great! I have GOT to find one of these in CT!

  2. SUCH a great idea! And look at all of those delicious finds. I bet the fresh bagels are out of this world. Have fun at pump <3

  3. I've heard that one opened up in Somerville this weekend and I can't wait to check it out!

  4. We had so many errands to run yesterday that I didn't get to go to the Somerville winter market, so I'm living vicariously through you. I seriously want some of those bagels!

  5. Awesome way to wait out this winter! This looks fantastic. I wish it were closer to the city. Carpool anyone?

  6. Thanks for posting this. It reminds me that the Union Square (Somerville) winter market just started. I'll need to head there soon.

  7. Love it! We actually have a winter farmers' market here but I've never been. I'm feeling pretty sheepish about that. I have to go.

  8. I think I know what I'll be doing this coming Saturday! Thanks for the inspiration-- I'm in serious need of fresh produce and local goodies!

  9. Thanks so much for posting about this!! I cannot wait to check out the one in Wayland!

  10. Did they have this space already or was it especially created for the winter market? I'm always unsure about greenhouses - I feel like the extra energy used to heat the space cancels out (if not exceeds) the energy saved on purchasing local food. The place does look awesome!! I have an obsession with Samira's baba ganoush. LOVE. it.
    Btw, I can't remember if you had the chance to enter my peanut butter giveaway. Check it out if you haven't yet!

  11. That is one thing that I miss around here in the winters... there is no farmers market!! Oh how I could go for some fresh fruits and veggies right about now!