Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pretty Fly for a French Fry


I need this t-shirt.

This was on the back of one of the t-shirts for Saus!

What’s Saus you ask?? Well if your local to the Boston area, you should really check this place out!

Saus is a brand new eatery right in Government Center near Faneuil Hall!

Saus is a Belgian street food cafe and that means two glorious things: Frites & Waffles.


Baskets of hot salty crispy fries (or Frites!) served with a plethora of dipping sauce options!!

I met up with some lovely blogger ladies and we may or may not have devoured 4 baskets of Frites…well there were 9 of us!


They easily have 10-12 (maybe more) sauces on their regular menu, and they will also be offering a few rotating sauces in addition!


They make all of their sauces in-house, even the ketchups and mayos! They were also telling us how each sauce is made to be VERY flavorful, because if your choosing your favorite flavor, then chances are you love that flavor and want lots of it! Nothing bland here!

I definitely can’t remember them all, but I’ll tell you my favorites!

Cheddar and Duvel Ale – this one reminded me of a delicious cheddar/beer fondue! LOVED IT! (it’s in the center, below)IMG_8130

Pegasaus – This was one of the weekly specials, and I hope it comes back. It was a feta based dip and SO so flavorful!

Vampire Slayer – garlic, of course. But roasted garlic (none of their sauces use raw garlic), so it was intensely flavorful but didn’t overwhelm.

Other notables for me were the Samurai Sauce, and Truffle Ketchup!




Another one of their menu items, consists of a small basket of fries with a deep fried egg on top. IMG_8138

Bloggers patiently waiting for a broken-yolk photo… IMG_8139

There it is! I’m sure its amazing, but at this point I was trying to save room for dessert…and boy am I glad I did.


Belgian waffles. Oh my. I love love LOVE waffles, and Belgians just take it to the next level with their yeasted dough and caramelized sugar exterior. Remember, this was the highlight of the Belgian Beer Fest back in November??

We sampled 3 of these beauties, to be sure to cover each sauce (unfortunately we didn’t get to try the Nutella sauce…they are still perfecting the recipe :)

Berry Berry was first… IMG_8144

Berries and waffles. Classic and delicious.

Next…Salted Caramel. IMG_8147

Wow. This was like combining a waffle and a sticky bun…incredible. I even bought one to go for Brian :)

Finally, the Lemon Cream.IMG_8148

I actually think the Lemon was my favorite! Especially when dipped in leftover berry sauce. It wasn’t too tart, just subtle and creamy.

If I had to guess, I bet Nutella would top my list…but I’ll just have to return another day for that!


For a Thursday night, around dinner time, there was a pretty steady flow of customers for a place that just opened 2 days ago. I think the word is out and people are excited.

The best part is that they are located right amongst a strip of some of the most popular bars in Boston (right in line with Bell in Hand, Hennessey’s, Paddy O’s…you know where I’m talking about!), and they will be open until 2AM on Friday and Saturday…genius. I can’t think of a better post-bar food!

Also great to grab tourists in for a quick snack to fuel a day of walking and shopping in the city.

I think Saus will be around for a long time…I really hope so! I’m just psyched to know a place where I can get my Belgian Waffle fix year round! :)

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  1. You're so fast! Can't believe you already got a post up. Thanks so much for coming tonight! It was great catching up with you, and that waffle with lemon cream dipped in the berry sauce was my favorite too!

  2. My favorite part of any dish is the SAUCE. I need to check this place out ASAP!

  3. What a cool spot!!! I totally want to try that place out next time I'm in Boston. The Pegasaus sauce sounds fabulous

  4. I actually tend to avoid Faneuil Hall given the constant mass of people, but this place sounds like it's worth a trip down there. Great recap of a delicious meal!

  5. I'm amazed you got a photo up of the cheddar and Duvel sauce with my hogging it! ;-) It was great seeing you and hope we can see each other more often1

  6. I totally started my post last night with this same name! now I'll have to think of another catchy line ;) great to see you as always!

  7. I'm disappointed that I couldn't come to this! Looks like a great place. I love the egg on the fries.

  8. This looks awesome! I need to try their waffles - it's been a while since I've had a good one.
    I'm not invited to anything these days :(

  9. wow, that sounds awesome... what a fun shirt too :)

  10. Gahh, the dipping suaces make it SO fun and perfect! I"m all about mustards/sauces/etc... ha

    Have a great Friday :)

  11. Nice seeing you last night! I want fries with Samurai Saus again...

  12. oh yum! that is awesome! i would love to have french fries with different dips

  13. YUMM!! OMG i live literally down the street from Saus..i walk by it every day! I didn't know it was so casual, or really even what it was yet! I musssst go immediately :D If u ever make it back give me a ring ha!