Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Eversave Giveaway, Philly wrap up, and CHEESE

Not gonna lie…I was not the best note-taker this weekend.  It’s mostly all up in the ‘ol noggin, but that’s not really translating well to a good post.  However, my homegirl Ali did a bang up job with her notes so if you want to really learn what we learned in the sessions check out her recaps! 
I’ll just write about the other fun stuff.
Like cheese and wine.
Saturday night, Ali, Elizabeth, Heather, Ericka, and I headed over to Tria; a wine, beer, and cheese bar!  This had my name allll over it.
I started with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and then had my eye on the cheese menu.  Yes there was a whole page on cheeses.
The cheeses were grouped by descriptions like…”clean, stinky, approachable, stoic, luscious, and racy”.  Love that.
We went with 4 cheeses, and each comes with fresh sliced baguette and an accompaniment that compliments each cheese.  
IMG_0727 Above we have (from left to right)
GOUDA ROOMANO (Friesland, The Netherlands · Cow-P) 
Butterscotch-y Gouda aged for 3 years: sweet and salty with a satisfying crunch
with Alagash cherries
IBORES (Extremadura, Spain · Goat-R) A flamenco of flavor; a quick step of tangy goat, a twirl of creaminess and a flashy snap of paprika
with candied almonds
LA TUR (Piedmont, Italy · Goat, Sheep & Cow-P) Carefully whipped blend of three milks, shaped like a cupcake and heavenly as a cloud
with porcini honey comb
MOSES SLEEPER, JASPER HILL FARM (Greensboro, VT · Cow-P) Brie de-Who? Camem-wha? This stellar stateside bloomy rind will make you forget all the others
with balsamic strawberries
I think the brie with the balsamic strawberries may have been my favorite but they were all delicious.  I LOVE CHEESE!
Speaking of cheese…”cheese!”  Ali and I
From here we grabbed a second drink outside at a different restaurant on 13th street but the name escapes me. 

(photo courtesy of Ericka!)
From here, however, we opted to head back to the hotel to finish up the night…you know, since we’re old and want to be able to get to bed when needed. Yeah.
Also, since we basically had cheese for dinner, around 9pm we were all hungry again and apparently craving classy hotel food…
Chicken Caesar baby!  Man I haven’t had one of these in ages…tasted awesome!  There may or may not have been some fries too ;)
After retiring to our respective rooms at the wee hours of the night (10:30pm), Elizabeth and I laughing til we cry playing with the Songify app (download it!), we awoke the next morning to join the big group for the planned 5k.
Unfortunately it was such a huge group it turned into a walk, but Elizabeth and I really wanted a run so we were those girls and left the group to run…sorry guys!
No worries though, because it gave way to more photo shoots.
I think I like this one better.
We also actually cued up “eye of the tiger” on her phone and played it as we ran up the steps haha.   
No pictures from the Quaker oatmeal bar breakfast since we went straight there from running, but once we ate, showered, and checked out…she headed to the airport and I had a couple hours to kill around the city.
Yeah, that’s Philly City Hall…   I hope Mayor Menino is reading my blog. 
IMG_0735 - Copy IMG_0732 IMG_0738
Of course you already know my airport situation.  So long Philly!  It was a blast!
{Moving on}

Did you know today kicks off Eversave’s three-day $10 Giveaway Member Appreciation Event!!
It does!
Eversave is giving away a $10 credit to ANYONE to use towards any deal from today, Aug 23, until midnight on Thursday Aug 25!   Whether you’re a member already or not you’ll get a $10 credit! 
Pretty cool if you ask me.  Perfect time to try out something new.
In addition, Eversave is also letting me give away $20 in Save Rewards!! 
So not only can you just get a $10 credit for free, but if you enter my giveaway you could win another $20 worth of credit to use for any future Eversave purchase!
Ways to enter:
Leave a comment for each entry!  You do NOT need to have a blog to enter!
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I’ll choose a winner by the end of the day Thursday, August 25th, which is the same time the $10 Giveaway Member Appreciation Event ends too!

Full Disclosure: For my participation in this giveaway I am also receiving a $20 credit for Eversave...although I've been buying Eversave's long before :)
Ok that is all :)  Happy Tuesday folks!


  1. I would love to use it on salon/spa services.

  2. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  3. {don't count this as an entry... muhaha} Just wanted to reinforce that every human on the planet with an iPhone should download the Songify app and begin recording solid gold tracks immediately. I almost fainted I was laughing so hard. xo

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